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Flickr pics and mashups

Well I have finally added to the great and the good on Flickr. I have tended not to use it up until now as I post weekly on my personal blog and usually upload pics with each post and have not really felt the need to replicate that. However it was easy to do and I can see the value of having lots of pics in one place to share with family. I have several friends who use Flickr in conjunction with their personal blogs and it does mean that you can see everything in one place rather than having to visit each blog post.

Here is one of the pics I posted tonight – I make Xmas ornaments as a hobby and these are two I finished this week.

Reindeer ornie 1

The back and the front of the ornaments

I find the WordPress picture uploader very easy to use. I really liked the mashups that I looked at – especially the colour picker one – I can see that being really useful if you were doing a themed presentation for example. One thing I found very interesting about this week’s task was that I had not realised that Flickr had privacy settings for each upload, makes sense but had not occurred to me before.

Just one tiny thing that annoys me – after all my years spent teaching adult literacy – why oh why does everything now have to be missing a vowel or two – Flickr, Colr Pickr, Mappr, retrievr – what is going on! Ok Victor Meldrew moment over, but is it just hip or am I missing some significant piece of WWW 2.0 technology – do too many vowels crash the internet or something?


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Finding blogs and RSS feeds

I used the Google Blog Search to look for blogs on informal learning which is the topic of my Ed D .This was something I didn’t know existed so I was really pleased with the results . I use Google a lot and normally would have just done a general search but have got some good hits which I will need to investigate further.

As for RSS feeds I did get a bit confused at first – after reading Cheryl’s posts I tried search4rss.com but it didn’t seem to work – maybe it was having an off day! A search for RSS using Google led me to a good article about RSS feeds on Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RSS which was interesting especially the article on the comparison of RSS feeds http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_feed_aggregators – there are so many!

From that list I chose  Blog Bridge  http://www.blogbridge.com/ – was attracted by the tag line ‘the ultimate info-junkie system’ as I would probably qualify as one of those! Installation was straightforward – I signed up for a few of their guides for edublogs etc. and then added a couple of guides of my own and added feeds from my existing favourite blogs. I think I will find this useful to organise all the blogs I already use and will save time rather than flicking through my favourites list. Now all I need is to find a craft blog with a knitting pattern on it to make the extra day a week I need to read everything!

I loved the idea of the Google in Plain English video animation – another one to show my students and it explained the concept of readers really well I thought.

I subscribed to Google Reader and added 5 feeds as requested but didn’t find the interface as good to work with or as intuitive as the Blog Bridge one. As soon as I got into the reader I was give a huge list of suggested feeds on all sorts of random topics and it took a while to work out how to get rid of it as it was distracting. The process of adding feeds was ok but I think I prefer Blog Bridge.

I did find though that as I was going through my Favourites adding things that if I clicked the RSS button on a site I could add it straight to Google Reader from the site so that will be an advantage rather than having to add it manually to Blog Bridge.However not all the sites I visit have the button – will have to go and check if I do on my personal blog? Most of the Blogger ones seem to but not some of the other brands – interesting!

Well in conclusion I feel I understand what RSS feeds are and the readers will be useful – have enjoyed these tasks and feel like I have got a lot out of them .They would have been completed so much faster if I had not just kept clicking on interesting things that I found on the internet while I was doing it though! Now off to look at the new foodie blogs I have been given in Blog Bridge!

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Technorati and blogland

I had not heard of Technorati and I did find the site a bit confusing to navigate – one of the things that put me off was the ads .I know a lot of sites use them to survive but I find them off putting, especially the flashing ones!

I did have a search for Huddersfield through the different sources but came up with very little, 1 for the Blog posts, 0 for the directory and nothing listed under tags. Did other people find the same thing?

Did find an interesting article on the state of Blogland 2010 and was particularly interested in the Mom blog phenomenon. About 10 years ago I worked for a community organisation whose brief was to offer free training on using the Internet as at that point women’s internet use was way behind men’s so was good to see that Mom blogs are the new thing.

Most of the blogs I read (in connection with my personal blog) are written by Moms – they are mainly about crafting activities which was not actually listed as a category so must be under ‘other’.

I found it interesting that they had analysed how people make money from their blogs – a lot of the Mom blogs I read have linked themselves in to sites like Folksy and Etsy to sell their hand-made goods – a lot of ‘cyber cottage’ industry going on which I am very interested in as a development of the web 2.0 technology.

Will investigate RSS tomorrow!

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Hello 25 things research group

My name is Alison and I work in the School of Education and Professional Development. I train post – 16 teachers so use quite a lot of technology in my work but don’t really link it all together very much.

I have a personal blog that I have run for the last 3 years but don’t do anything really whizzy with it so would like to learn more about the potential.This is why there is a link from my post to the About post on my other blog where I am registered as Stitches of Time which may confuse people.

The setting up of the blog was ok as I use WordPress for my blog – the only bit I had trouble with was that it initially would not let me load any of my own photos for the custom header but that was a glitch on the day and I have managed to sort that out now.

I think generally WordPress is easy to use and seems to be quite stable – I have not had any major problems with it.

It feels rather strange not knowing who is going to be reading this – with my other blog I feel I  know my audience now so it is a bit of an unknown as to how much detail people want to read – I am sure that this will get easier in the next few weeks.

One of the things I would like to enhance through this course is that after working at the University for 10 years I don’t really know many people from any other schools as we are always so busy . I use online contact a lot to keep in touch personally and professionally so am hoping this might enhance my collaboration with other staff here.

I am just about to start my doctorate and am going to be looking at informal learning and one of the areas I want to research is how people learn from blogs and forums so I thought this would be useful for me as well.

I thought that the initial video was excellent, really thought-provoking and really well made in terms of the graphics and would like to use that with my students.



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