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I think tags – along with categories and a Category Cloud which you can add through the Widgets on your blog (go into Appearance then Widgets and drag the label in to to the right hand side of the page) are really useful things.

 As Sue said in her post you sometimes don’t know what tags you need until you have done a lot of posts so I have found I have add to add tags and re-tag. The one thing I did find out by experience is that WordPress tagged all my personal blog posts as ‘uncategorized’ by default (this blog doesn’t seem to be doing that) and I didn’t notice so when I did put in a Category Cloud I had loads of uncategorized posts that I had to go and remove the tag from manually – a huge pain!

I think they do give order to the reader of the blog as they help them focus on what is most important in that blog. I like the way the Category Cloud looks as well from an aesthetic point of view . I like to see on blogs which is the biggest category as that helps me decide if to read it further or not which is important if you get there by a random search. There might be only 1 post on the topic that you want to read or 300 and this helps represent that visually and give you a quick link in. Most of the blogs I read regularly have been going for 3 or 4 years and have hundreds of posts so it saves lots of time. I don’t think the Category Cloud is a feature on all blog platforms though unless people don’t use it.


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