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Before this week I hadn’t used Twitter much. I was asked to ‘tweet’ as part of an event that I volunteer for a while ago where we were using it as a marketing tool to get people to come along but didn’t really know what I would use it for. Part of the issue is that I have a very basic mobile with no web connection so didn’t get the same functionality that I know other people with web enabled mobile devices do. I also hadn’t clicked about what ‘following’ could do as had not realised its potential for keeping people informed about really useful stuff.

Thanks to the snow I have been using it a lot – keeping tabs on my son’s college and the buses and it has been very good. I know I could have kept checking on different web sites for info but having it all in one place is very useful and have appreciated the ‘retweets’ from Cheryl and Sue. Am now going to sign up to follow more of the Hudds Uni sites as I think that will keep me in touch.

Didn’t think there would be anything I could do with Lanyard as am not able to attend many conferences these days due to family commitments but when I got there found Cheryl was attending one that I am going to in April. However since I already knew she is going and it is at Hudds Uni anyway and she is in the office opposite mine I will probably talk to her while we are there rather than tweet. But you never know!

Had heard about LinkedIn but not used it before. I think it might be useful when I get fully underway with my research but that does depend on how detailed the info is that people in my field put about their interests. Did find it interesting that Sue and I share all but one interest (I’m not into netball!)

So far this week I think Twitter is my winner even though I am limited to using it on a PC.


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