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Technorati and blogland

I had not heard of Technorati and I did find the site a bit confusing to navigate – one of the things that put me off was the ads .I know a lot of sites use them to survive but I find them off putting, especially the flashing ones!

I did have a search for Huddersfield through the different sources but came up with very little, 1 for the Blog posts, 0 for the directory and nothing listed under tags. Did other people find the same thing?

Did find an interesting article on the state of Blogland 2010 and was particularly interested in the Mom blog phenomenon. About 10 years ago I worked for a community organisation whose brief was to offer free training on using the Internet as at that point women’s internet use was way behind men’s so was good to see that Mom blogs are the new thing.

Most of the blogs I read (in connection with my personal blog) are written by Moms – they are mainly about crafting activities which was not actually listed as a category so must be under ‘other’.

I found it interesting that they had analysed how people make money from their blogs – a lot of the Mom blogs I read have linked themselves in to sites like Folksy and Etsy to sell their hand-made goods – a lot of ‘cyber cottage’ industry going on which I am very interested in as a development of the web 2.0 technology.

Will investigate RSS tomorrow!


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