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When I watched the introductory video for Library Thing my first thought was that there was so much info on this site how would I find my way round it. On registering I was very pleased to see that they had local book group and reading events info – how did they know where I was though? I put in my work e-mail but that is not specific to Huddersfield – is it through IP address, is Big Brother really watching me? Not that I mind, just curious as to how they do it 🙂

I have added some books I regularly use in teaching but couldn’t remember all author names so only have  a few – was very impressed at the way it found all I searched for – the database behind this must be huge. I can see this being useful as a virtual reading list for my students and as I love buying and reading books would probably use it for personal info. Not sure how I would use in my research – I suspect my topic is mainly to be found in journals rather than books.

A very interesting resource and one to go back to.

The Mendeley site could be very useful to me once I get really into my doctoral research – I like the idea of being able to access all of one author’s papers from their profile rather than having to go and find them through Summon etc – rather like an academic version of looking at someone’s Facebook likes and photos! I suppose it depends like all things who is using it. I have not been able to add many of my library as am doing this from home and have ony limited resources here.

I was not certain what Cite U Like was until I watched the video then it clicked.  On an aside I agree with Sue’s comments about the name – I actually worked for a fast food baked potato company called Spud U Like while a student and it does sound tacky!

I have found the videos very useful for every topic – it is a very good way of explaining things and is something I am exploring in my own teaching. One of the things that I love about WWW2 is the video creation and sharing – when YouTube was first around I thought  it was merely going to be a collection of ‘You’ve Been Framed’  type funnies but there is so much useful work on there and doing 25 Things has made me realise that there is a lot more useful instructional work than I ever realised. I use it a lot for work but not in that way so will definitely explore this – I like the fact that they can be embedded into a blog post as well so you can contextualise the learning.

So to sum up some very useful tools this week – the best one is Delicious – the others will be more so once I can spend some time on them and when I get more into my research – at the moment have little to put into some of them and being pragmatic will spend the most time on the most useful at present.


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