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Flickr pics and mashups

Well I have finally added to the great and the good on Flickr. I have tended not to use it up until now as I post weekly on my personal blog and usually upload pics with each post and have not really felt the need to replicate that. However it was easy to do and I can see the value of having lots of pics in one place to share with family. I have several friends who use Flickr in conjunction with their personal blogs and it does mean that you can see everything in one place rather than having to visit each blog post.

Here is one of the pics I posted tonight – I make Xmas ornaments as a hobby and these are two I finished this week.

Reindeer ornie 1

The back and the front of the ornaments

I find the WordPress picture uploader very easy to use. I really liked the mashups that I looked at – especially the colour picker one – I can see that being really useful if you were doing a themed presentation for example. One thing I found very interesting about this week’s task was that I had not realised that Flickr had privacy settings for each upload, makes sense but had not occurred to me before.

Just one tiny thing that annoys me – after all my years spent teaching adult literacy – why oh why does everything now have to be missing a vowel or two – Flickr, Colr Pickr, Mappr, retrievr – what is going on! Ok Victor Meldrew moment over, but is it just hip or am I missing some significant piece of WWW 2.0 technology – do too many vowels crash the internet or something?


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The title of this post is taken from a regular slot in the Metro newspaper that I read on my way to work detailing the weird and wonderful things to be found on the web.The Spell with Flickr is an example of such things and I thought this was great fun.Thanks to Sue who gave me the tip about pasting the code into the HTML tab I can now show you my name in pretty pictures – Yay!

letter A L (Falmouth, MA) I letter S letter O letter N

I use Flickr a lot and always introduce my students to it early on – have not uploaded any of my pics yet but will do so. I love browsing Flickr just for the sheer beauty of the images and I have added many to my favourites – go and have a look at this person’s work for example Yoann Rigolleau – just lovely!

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