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This could be my new best friend. I have known about this for a few years as our Academic Skills tutor uses it and I kept thinking, ‘I really must use it for my teaching’. But I never got around to doing to so my poor students have had a series of handouts each year with lists of websites on which of course they might well lose and I have to find and edit and print out again each year.

It could also solve my recent problem as I have been trying to update the resources list on Blackboard  for an online module that I have just started working with. I find Blackboard very difficult to use – I have just uploaded my 5 resources to Delicious in about 15 minutes and the ‘Save to Delicious’ button I now have on my toolbar is wonderful. It took me hours to do the resources section on Blackboard, copying and pasting URLs in from different sites when I could have just put one link – see my Delicious site! I also really liked the way that they suggested tags and they were always very relevant meaning I just had to click on them rather than type in my own.

One very minor point – the Common Craft video was excellent again. I love the way they use paper and animation to explain technology – that amuses me and I think it is very effective but the buttons they described in the video were not the same ones I ended up with on my toolbar. Not  a problem for me but may confuse some.

I am very much enjoying exploring all these new tools – only problem is I can see myself staying up way past my bedtime to play with them all!Oh and I have just noticed ‘the how many other people have bookmarked this site’ tab and have just looked at some of their bookmarks and that is going to be really useful – may be getting no sleep at all.


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