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Like others thought that Slideshare was very useful – spent a happy hour or so this evening looking at some really nice presentations, only negative point was that when I tried to download one everything froze but that may well have been my Internet connection. As others have commented it is nice to see what people are doing even if you don’t use the slides you could use (or avoid!) their strategies.

Prezi I am not so certain about – all I could think when looking at the examples (and I looked at lots) was the accessibility issues. I am always conscious of trying to be dyslexia friendly (am an ex – special needs teacher and current disability co-ordinator for our school ) and all I kept thinking was that this would be a nightmare for anyone with reading issues. And how would it print out – or would it even print at all? I can appreciate it from an artistic point of view and thought many I looked at were very stylish but just did not think they would work in most of my settings.

I like the idea of document collaboration and am going to be using Dropbox like some of the other contributors for some community work I have been involved in. Have not really got to grips with how it all works yet but think it will be very useful, particularly as Paul says if you are writing a paper with other people.

As for Creative Commons I am very much in agreement with sharing resources and research. I don’t really believe there is much original thought out there anymore – we all have access to so much inspiration and I think that old notions of copyright have to be re-evaluated in light of digital publishing and access. I think it is going to have huge impact on the way we view writing for publication – some of my colleagues recently published a text aimed at our students. Now I know they were not probably hoping to retire on the sales profits but when I realised the book was available through Summon as an e-book just thought why didn’t we give them all a PDF copy for free. I know this would mean the publisher would object but they are hardly likely to buy it if they can download it all anytime they want – no late fees from the library for forgetting to take it back.

I love print and ‘real books’ but I think our copyright laws just don’t reflect reality now.


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